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Jim David

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Hard to Swallow

Jim’s newest CD (2015) on Stand Up! Records is his most outrageous yet! Jim skews the differences between America and ‘Murica, discusses his wedding, reads his hate mail and family Christmas letters, details Thai strippers shooting ping pong balls from private parts, swinger’s cruises and getting arrested in Florida, and gives a history of the last eight presidents that tells all you need to know. Plus a hilarious unplanned encounter with an audience member who refuses to get off her phone.

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Eat Here and Get Gas

Jim’s 1st CD (2000) was the first to get it on the record and includes material from his Comedy Central special: the fears of the white man, New Yorkers vs. Southerners, the difficulty of ordering at Hooters, presidential candidates as fashion models, taking LSD at Disney World, the British and a multilingual subway beggar.

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Notorious F.A.G

Not for the faint of heart, the easily offended or supporters of Senator Ted Cruz, Jim’s 3rd CD (2010) includes hysterical riffs on phone reservations, the mating of giant tortioses, world butter substitutes, plastic surgery, the pain of hemmorhoid removal, the horrors of being a middle aged gay man, Margaret Mitchell, disgruntled right wing audience members, falling off the stage and reads more hate mail! Plus a disclaimer from Jim’s embarassed parents.

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Live from Jimville

Jim’s 2nd CD (2003) opens his brain and opines on a hysterical Martha Stewart, droning railroad conductors, drunken frat guys, the settlement of Israel, Wal-Mart greeters, talk radio, porn star waiters, stereotypes, complaing people, Britney Spears and Beowolf. Plus, Jim has a mild onstage stroke requiring three takes of one joke.

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You'll be swell

YOU’LL BE SWELL is the first novel by comedian Jim David. Lucy Dixon is a beautiful, funny, smart, chubby and accident prone New York theater actress who dreamed of life as an MGM musical, but lately her career has hit the wall “faster than a crash test dummy on crystal meth.” Taking a much needed break she goes on a disastrous Caribbean cruise, setting off an unexpected chain of events that changes her life forever. Along the way she is stalked by a handsome Texan, charmed by a dashing Moroccan, harassed by a Jamaican, propositioned by a hit man and held at gunpoint while dressed as a pink gorilla – all in the name of making it. YOU’LL BE SWELL is a hilarious and heartwarming trip through the life of a phenomenal talent who withstands the horrific struggles of showbiz while trying to maintain sanity and self-esteem, which is easier said than done.

Paperback Edition

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Jim David
That's Me!

Jim David

Comedian, Producer, Writer

Mixing old school standup with up to the minute delivery of jokes, unbelievable yet true stories, characters, politics and skewed social comment, and able to perform either a squeaky clean family show or a show suitable for audiences wasted on drugs,

JIM DAVID’s outrageous comedy has been seen on his 1/2 hour special, COMEDY CENTRAL PRESENTS JIM DAVID, ABC’s THE VIEW, HLN’s THE JOY BEHAR SHOW, Comedy Central’s TOUGH CROWD WITH COLIN QUINN, the variety special OUT ON THE EDGE, as a guest ‘comedy consultant” on Bravo’s QUEER EYE FOR THE STRAIGHT GUY, AXS TV’s LIVE FROM GOTHAM, BBC America’s THE WORLD STANDS UP and Bravo’s GREATEST THINGS ABOUT….He also performed on Comedy Central’s USO COMEDY TOUR, FRIARS CLUB ROAST OF ROB REINER, COMIC CABANA, NEW JOKE CITY, NBC COMEDY SHOWCASE, A&E's CAROLINE'S and EVENING AT THE IMPROV, MTV, VH1, SHOWTIME and USA LIVE. A headliner around the world, he is a three time winner of the MAC (Manhattan Assn. Of Cabarets) Award and the Backstage BISTRO Award for Outstanding NY Comedian. He has appeared on and off Broadway, in films and commercials, and many comedy festivals including HBO US Comedy Arts, TBS Las Vegas and Montreal Just for Laughs. His one-man comedy SOUTH PATHETIC was produced to raves at the New York International Fringe Festival and many regional theaters. He was a Tennessee Williams Fellow in writing and performance at the University of the South. He produced COMEDY CARES, the stand-up comedy benefit for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. He is a contributor to Huffington Post and Edge On The Net, and is heard frequently on Sirius XM radio. He is the author of a comic novel about showbiz, YOU’LL BE SWELL, available on Amazon. His Comedy Central special and four CDs - EAT HERE AND GET GAS, LIVE FROM JIMVILLE, NOTORIOUS F.A.G., HARD TO SWALLOW - are available for download on Itunes.

My Albums

South Pathetic

Jim David South Pathetic

SOUTH PATHETIC is Jim David's hilarious one man comedy, directed by Peter Smith, that he performs at theaters nationwide. It tells the story of how Jim, in a career crisis, accepts a job directing Tennessee Williams' "A Streetcar Named Desire" at the worst community theater in the South. Jim plays himself as well as 10 other characters, all trying their hand at small town show biz, and he re-enacts the entire "Streetcar" play in six minutes. A smash at the New York International Fringe Festival, the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Festival, the New Conservatory Theater of San Francisco and many other theaters, SOUTH PATHETIC is available for bookings and an acting edition of the script is available for licensed performance.

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  • "JIM DAVID's stand-up comedy was as effective as any I've heard in a club in the past year."

    New York Post

    “Well informed, engaging, funny. He chooses his words perfectly, with flawless timing. He hurls his words at the audience with surgical skill and a killer’s power. David’s humor is dark and very deep.”

    LE DEVOIR, Montreal

  • ‘Smart, agile comedy.”

    Time Out New York

    "I have honestly never enjoyed a performer more."


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